Juan Carlos Suárez (1973)


Recreates beautifully detailed landscapes and landscapes adorned with lush flora and fauna; Which he captures in his countless tours where he contemplates, observes and sometimes registers with his lens. It manages to capture the magic of moments, colors, lights and shadows; Effects that leads to his paintings to provide us with a relaxing, telling and captivating workorem

Its essential theme is nature, its main concern is to leave a legacy to future generations; Is a call to take conscience to take care and to protect the beauty that is still in our planet. Suárez leads us to see from the creative point of view all that we can cause. It takes us from enjoyment to reflection. Through his unique and authentic works; We can see, from incredible natural worlds that are formed with pre-Columbian figures, works full of magic and charm that are relentlessly enjoyed by its numerous details and figures insinuated creatively. Going through woodlands devastated by machines; A clearly graphic protest call that does not need words to describe it. Up to magical and charming native forests full of incredible details adorned with splendid colorful and vital grace.